semilimes offers integrated business tools online. semilimes business software automates accounting, production, sales, and purchasing. Web builder makes it easy to build a website or e-commerce shop. Messenger provides a communication and collaboration space. We help individuals, teams, and enterprises manage their business in a simple way.

Extensive set of online tools
for your business
Simple enough to help you start, powerful enough to help you grow.

What can semilimes do

Finance & Accounting
Gain control and enjoy the full scope of your business finances and accounting processes

Sales & Purchasing
Manage stock, control purchases and boost sales with semilimes Sales & Purchasing

Manufacturing Management
Online tool to manage raw materials inputs, production process and finished goods outputs

Website & E-Commerce
Construct corporate or private website with an intuitive web builder. Start your online business with semilimes e-commerce

Instantly connect with people and teams using unlimited audio and video calls

Instant launch
All semilimes tools are cloud based and do not require installation efforts or additional set-up costs.

Powerful and integrated
All semilimes products are integrated with each other and have enough capacity to follow the needs of your growing business.

Perfect for team collaboration
Bring as many users as you need to semilimes space to get your team started.

semilimes tools are cloud-based web applications which do not require any downloading, therefore they are only used online at your convenience. The web application can be accessed from any computer and by any authorized user.

Key Features

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Sales & Purchasing
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Website & E-Commerce
  • Messenger



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