Roadmap Planner


Roadmap Planner is a business productivity app for managers and entrepreneurs that will help users to build marketing, business development and product vision roadmap, and show off it to the team and stakeholders. It will take you where you want to be in one, five, or 10 years.

This app will help you to put together a strategy for your success. Create a simple picture of the vision and development of your business and present it to your team quickly, easily and in a visually appealing form.

This is a personal strategic organizer to develop and optimize a product vision. With Roadmap Planner you can decompose strategic goals into steps, set milestones, and create dependencies. This will help your team schedule projects, avoid overlaps, and communicate with clients without using complex software.

We developed this app to allow you to design a stable process of following long-term goals and strategies and save your time by letting you focus on where you are and where you are going.

Roadmap Planner's main advantages:
1. A simple way to map out and explore your ideas about system architecture, network design, solution delivery model, etc.
2. Visually appealing workspace for clear understanding of the whole plan and clear layout of a logical flow of the tasks to be done to reach your objectives
3. Opportunity to redesign your plans with the Drag&Drop feature, according to your needs and deadlines

Roadmap Planner's main benefits:
- Tracking shared documents
- Keeping deadlines and milestones in sight
- Visualizing the critical path of your projects
- Using a presentation mode to showcase your roadmaps to the key stakeholders

Key Features

  • Quik planning & dependencies
  • Data Synchronization
  • Collaboration in real time
  • Presentation mode
  • Offline access
  • Visual timeline
  • Backlog for ideas
  • Protected Storage
  • Gantt Chart View
  • Export / Import



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