PetalMD offers medical-administrative technological solutions, dedicated to medical professionals and establishments, in order to make them more effective in their practice.
PetalMD’s technologies are designed to facilitate patient appointment booking, optimize physician schedule management and enable secure information exchange through 3 different solutions: Petal Booking, Petal Scheduling, and Petal Hospital.
1. Petal Booking: Reduce incoming calls and call wait-times, ensure higher attendance rates and increase patient satisfaction with an online patient booking solution designed for medical clinics.
- Reduces operational costs
- Maximizes accessibility for all patients
- Personalizes your appointment schedule
- Provides effortless Reminders
- Is EMR Friendly
- Gives you Fast and easy access to all your data
- Eliminates double-booking

2. Petal Scheduling:
- Save time and effort with schedule creation: Automated and intelligent schedule creation software
- Stay in control of your group’s constraints: Ensure your schedule respect your employee and group's set of rules, priorities, and preferences.
- Give access to your schedule on any device: Web, iOS & Android
- Make everyone happy with task assignments and transfers: Users can easily and autonomously exchange or transfer assigned tasks
- Keep in touch with your teammates through secure and conform messaging
- Improve your team communication and collaboration

3. PetalMD On-Call list dashboard: The hospital dashboard allows staff to view and access the hospital’s on-call list in real-time. Updated on-call lists ensure staff always call the right doctor. This eliminates errors, reduces response time and provides direct communication with on-call physicians.
- Stay informed in real time with up-to-date information
- On-call list easy access
- Improve departments coordination
- Communicate efficiently and effectively with all staff
- Share confidential information safely through secure messaging

Key Features

  • Automated optimal schedule creation
  • Autonomous task exchanges and transfers
  • Secure Messaging
  • Secure document sharing
  • Customized notifications
  • Patient booking
  • Real-time On-Call list
  • Real-time access to shared information - from any device.
  • Real-time data reporting



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