Niftio offers a complete, all-in-one app with all the tools, resources and features necessary to create and deliver premium presentations designed to engage viewing audiences. The app provides an extensive gallery of professionally created designer templates from which to choose. Creators can track their presentation’s performance with in-app analytics or through Google Analytics tracking code to determine how many times it was viewed and the location from which it was accessed.

An intuitive layout and predefined slides help make the entire creative process quick and easy. Niftio includes a comprehensive library of more than 4,000 high-definition images, 1,000 shapes and several types of customizable charts appropriate for presentations in any field or industry. Smooth transitions are included.

It’s easy to share presentations with any number of individuals simply by sending a link, through social media accounts, via email or by embedding it within a blog or website. Presentations can be played from any device with Internet access or the finished product can be downloaded in HTML or PDF format. Niftio also has the advantage of being interactive, allowing audience members to communicate directly with the presenter in real-time.

A built-in timeline enables creators to monitor the length of their presentation to accommodate specific time constraints. Individuals can see an overview of their presentation, add animation and arrange their slides in any desired order. Creators can consult their notes for presentations in real-time. All presentations are private by default and can be password protected for an added level of security and control.

The introduction of Niftio makes the creation of stunning presentations quick and easy, even for those who aren’t naturally creative in a visual context. All the resources needed have been incorporated into a single, free software app that can be used by anyone and shared via multiple avenues for effective and professional presentations.

Key Features

  • Premium Presentation Templates
  • Wireless Presenter
  • Audience Response System
  • Analytics



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