MailClark allows you to send & receive emails, Facebook messages, tweets & Twitter DMs directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

There's so much MailClark can do for your team:

• Host the help desk of your Customer Service team:
You can set all emails sent to [email protected] to be forwarded to a Slack/Microsoft Teams channel in order to bring your customer support into the Messaging App your team uses. MailClark automatically create a separate channel for each sender, simplifying the management of multiple simultaneous conversations, as well as letting multiple team members look at a tricky question together before replying to customers. Thanks to MailClark, your team is now able to answer client's emails faster & better.

• Collaborate with clients or colleagues who only use email
Even though you understand the advantages of Messaging Apps, maybe your colleagues or clients can’t be bothered to change their ways. With MailClark you can manage your emails directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams, so you stay in the App while others keep using email.

• Receive alerts, mentions or newsletters in a channel:
If you receive a lot of emails (or tweets) that you don’t reply to, or even don’t read, you can set up a channel to receive these messages and easily monitor them. By creating a specific channel for each sender, you can sort through what you receive and not lose the important emails in the crowd.

• Create a team inbox for your Sales or Marketing team
Have everybody in one channel receiving the emails & messages sent to your team, with separate conversation channels automatically set-up for every customer so you can easily track external communications and manage internal distribution.

• And more!

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