ishmooz is a simple classifieds board for your team.
Instead of wasting time searching for that one post-it note, or have your note go stale and keep getting emails about it, have all posts in one place: searchable, editable and automatically expiring.
Let your team discover new ways to connect through shared interest, in many categories such as "Clothing and Accessories", "Home and Garden", "Electronics", "Entertainment", "Family", "Hobbies", "Housing", "Miscellanea" and "Vehicles".
A post can also describe not only something the user has to sell or give, but something a user wants. This kind of classified will be matched with future classifieds.

Slack Native
• After posting a classified, get notified when somebody engages with it
• Search posts right from Slack
• Post things or services you want to offer, or post things you need

Simple Features
• A popup dialog will guide you through the initial posting process
• Once created, you can edit the post in Slack's advanced editor
• Lots of categories

Slash Commands
"/ishmooz post" creates a post in a category of your choice
"/ishmooz index" lists all posts in a category
"/ishmooz edit" to edit one of your posts
"/ishmooz mine" lists only your posts

Pricing Plans
• Free for up to 100 posts
• No commitment, no long-term contract.

ishmooz creates a channel for every active classified category. Within this channel, every classified is stored as a Slack file.

Contact developers at [email protected]

Key Features

  • classifieds



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