Feedback Panda is an organizational tool for teachers to manage their courses, students, and feedback. It generates feedback automatically based on templates, allowing teachers to be more detailed and build deeper connections with students.

FeedbackPanda allows teachers to create their own templates and quickly create highly custom yet well-prepared feedback from a combination of those templates and student-specific information.

A browser extension is supplied for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This extension integrates into online teaching services such as and adds a button into their classrooms. Clicking this button will instantly transfer student and course information into FeedbackPanda, from which a new feedback item will be created, using a template the teacher either created before, creates at that point or imports from the FeedbackPanda cloud.

For every Course you teach, you only need to create your Feedback texts once. After that, whenever you teach a new Student that Course, you can re-use that text with a single click.

Get access to +20,000 templates from +10,000 courses on the FeedbackCloud database made and shared by VIPKID teachers themselves. Just customize and import to create your feedback quickly. This way, important information that other teachers discovered is available to all our users.

No credit card information neccessary. Trial Accounts can use the full functionality with no limitations. After a month, if you like the Tool, you can upgrade to our paid subscriptions.

Key Features

  • Feedback Generation
  • Student Tracking
  • VIPKID Integration
  • Template Cloud
  • Student Birthday Tracking
  • Automated Male-to-Female Template Translation
  • Automated Female-to-Male Template Translation
  • Quick Feedback Copy&Paste
  • Unlimited Students, Courses and Templates
  • Usage Statistics



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30 days, no Credit Card required


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