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With Earth Class Mail you can get your business mail scanned and available online 24/7. Choose from a national network of addresses, including Market St. in San Francisco and Park Ave. in New York, then get your mail scanned and searchable.

It's easy to take action on your mail. Important invoices can sync straight to, or forward them to your accounting department automatically using the powerful rules engine.

Get a check? Deposit it electronically to your bank, no matter where you are in the world. Or you can forward it anywhere you like with just a few clicks.

Security is a top priority, so every piece of mail gets the same level of attention. All facilities are monitored, every piece of digital data is encrypted with 256-bit security, and anyone that handles the mail goes through a thorough background check. Not to mention you can securely shred any piece of mail, so you know your information stays private.

Thousands of businesses and top brands have trusted Earth Class Mail with over 10,000,000 pieces of mail since 2006.

- Real Business Addresses: Get a mailing address for your business and choose from dozens of Street Addresses and PO boxes in the U.S. Use it instead of a home address, to protect your business' privacy, to establish a local presence, for CANSPAM compliance, and to register your business with the State. You can choose one or more addresses, or even keep your own. When you or your business move, your mailing address can stay the same. It's even a good solution if you incorporate your business outside of your home state.

- Mail and Document Scanning: All the mail sent to your new address gets scanned, then you get an email letting you know that new mail has arrived. You see the exterior of the front and back, packages too, then you choose what action to take. You can scan the contents of your mail, and store them digitally forever. You can also set rules using the rules engine on how you want certain types of mail to be handled automatically, so you don't have to wait for mail contents to be scanned or for junk mail to get recycled.

- Secure Handling and Shredding: All mail is processed in monitored facilities, by employees that have completed extensive background checks. Everything digital is secured with a 256-bit encryption, and if you want to keep your confidential information safe when you trash it you can choose to securely shred everything.

- Free Storage: Cloud storage is free and unlimited. You can also integrate directly with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive to backup and share your documents. The first 30 days of physical mail storage is always free, that time starts from the day the mail is received.

- Electronic Check Deposit: If you get a lot of checks, or travel a lot while clients send you checks, then this add-on feature will allow you to electronically deposit those checks to your bank account with any bank. If you don't qualify for electronic check deposit there is an option for manual check deposit as well.

Key Features

  • Send invoices directly to
  • Electronic check deposit
  • Collaborate on all inbound mail
  • Sort, forward, filter, or securely shred mail
  • All mail is scanned and made available online
  • Cloud & physical mail storage
  • Get notified when new mail arrives
  • All mail is OCR'd and searchable
  • HIPAA compliant features
  • Add multiple recipients and users to your account
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Box, GDrive &



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