Wambi is an employee quality management and recognition system, leveraging real-time patient feedback and visual analytics, that facilitates both positive reinforcements in the form of tangible rewards and real-time service recovery when there's negative feedback. Wambi addresses 3 critical areas in healthcare that directly affect the quality of care:

2) Accountability
3) Healthcare Employee Engagement

1) Transparency-
Real-time pulse surveys filled out by patients and their families provide immediate insight for Caregivers, Managers, and Healthcare Administrators into patient satisfaction and caregiver performance on an individual and unit basis. With Wambi, patients and families can comfortably share their voice and anonymously be heard at the moment. The real-time nature of these surveys is impactful in that it enables “Real-Time Service Recovery” to improve situations that need to be recovered in time so the overall satisfaction of the patient is saved before the patient goes home and rates their experience poorly on the HCAHPS survey (which directly affects health systems' reimbursements and bottom lines).

2) Accountability- Caregivers receive anonymous patient feedback through a gamified system that allows them to monitor their own progress. This system is helpful in providing unbiased, cumulative data for mandatory performance reviews.

3) Performance Driven- With Wambi, Caregivers are empowered with anonymous patient feedback analytics to be able to demonstrate to management how they are performing on a regular basis and in turn, are recognized and incentivized for providing compassionate care. Wambi's reward system is fueled by a currency we call "Pecks" (as Wambi is a bird) and these Pecks accumulate over time for positive survey results, receiving awards from management, reaching quality benchmarks, and taking last-minute shifts to help reduce the need for utilizing agency nurses. Wambi increases caregiver engagement which directly affects the quality of care, patient safety, and overall experience.

Key Features

  • Patient Engagement
  • Tangible Reward
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Appreciation



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