Bravon is a gamification platform built to promote productivity and employee engagement. It is divided in 4 different components:
The Bravon Portal:
The easy way to manage your team!

1- Bravon Portal
Bravon’s back-office is the administration portal to manage bravon and all areas of the platform: to set up challenges, objectives, communicate with teams, manage surveys, users and tasks.
It’s on the back-office that management can create the challenges for the team:
Cross-selling challenges, Score Challenges, Profiling Challenges, Candidates Challenge, Learning Challenges.
Managers also have access to the analytics provided by the challenges that allow them to measure the results of the challenge and adapt the strategy if necessary. This analytics will also let you know your best period, your top performing employee and your underperforming employees; you can then interact directly with them to boost their confidence or congratulate them.
On Bravon’s back-office you can also access users, teams, roles, manage surveys, between many other features!
2- Mobile App
The Bravon APP is where they access their Bravon platform and use it as their best friend in the job.
As Bravon team member you will have access to:
The challenges created by the managers.
The public wall where company messages and issues are posted.
Access to a private chat where they can talk to their manager and other team members.
Acess to their own personal profiles and other team and company members, with personal and professional information.
Their Bravon wallet with the rewards gained from the challenges.

4- Bravon Store:
Bravon store is where you will find everything you need to complete your Bravon platform. Its a Marketplace where you can find aditional Bravon feautures and the tools to fully customize your bravon experience!
From integrations to new skins and cosmetics, to adapting your plan as you need, you can find anything on our store.

4 - Bravon Services
Bravon offers a complete set of services in addition to its platform.
From integrating our service into your company to training your team Bravon’s offer a wide range of services:

Make it your own
Setup assistance
Direction Support
Certification Management
Tailor Made Apps
Video Production
Gold Support
For more information visit:

Key Features

  • Instant Messaging
  • Gamification Challenge Creation
  • Rss feed
  • AI
  • Employee productivity
  • Real-time analytics
  • Create your own training program
  • Employee profiling by skills
  • Survey creation with automated information gathering
  • Back-office for management and administration
  • Mobile App for employee usage



Starting from:
€7.00 per month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
no credit card required


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