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UniPay payment solution incorporates over 10 years of operational experience in electronic payment processing, recurring billing, collections industries, payment facilitator industry and combines it with the newest enterprise-scale, cluster-ready technologies. It is used by large and medium-sized companies with great success. It is one of the most innovative, intuitive, reliable and flexible integrated ACH, debit/credit card payment-processing gateway for customers worldwide. The list of UniPay’s options for accepting payments are constantly growing and continually evolving.

With UniPay software solution you get a complete payment system that helps you handle the entire payment management cycle from the moment payment information is initially captured, until either successful payment settlement or credit bureau debt reporting.

UniPay enables us to provide a broad range of solutions that allow merchants and payment facilitators worldwide to accept various payment types and operate their businesses more efficiently across a variety of distribution channels in many markets around the world.

UniPay facilitates direct connectivity with processors, which not only reduces transaction fees by eliminating unnecessary or redundant gateways but also provides more control over the functionality needed to manage each business's specific needs. Additionally, UniPay is packed with features including a robust REST API, open-source payment gateway, an abundant omnichannel feature set, intelligent payment routing, subscription billing, chargebacks handling, advanced security levels, and more than 100 global payment options.

To learn more about UniPay, please see this list of all integrations included in the product: https://unipaygateway.info/providers

Key Features

  • eCommerce
  • Bill Payment
  • PIN and PIN Less Debit
  • Automated Decline recycling
  • Recurring and Installment
  • Support for ACH Blacklists
  • Chargeback Management
  • Credit Card Account Updater
  • Level I, II and III Card processing
  • Partial Autestful API for merchant management
  • API for batch transaction processing
  • Flexible Integration Features API for real-time transaction processing
  • Detailed integration specifications and certification scenarios
  • Processing emulator for integrators' certification testing
  • API for integration with external tokenization appliances and services
  • Configurable Filtering for Formatted Data Streams (XML, CSV, etc)
  • Real-Time and Batch Extraction and Tokenization of the Sensitive Data
  • Restful Web Service API for Real-Time Data Tokenization
  • Real-time and Batch Extraction and De-Tokenization of the Sensitive Data



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