RevCascade is a dropship automation platform used by retailers like Crate & Barrel to connect with all their brands, streamlining product and inventory data exchange, merchandising, transactions, and everything in between.

Manually managing vendors' disparate data feeds and order fulfillment methods, emailing spreadsheets back-and-forth, and adjusting product and inventory information is an operational and data nightmare for retailers that can lead to costly mistakes. With RevCascade, however, retailers have one do-it-all platform through which every vendor's data feed is consolidated and synced automatically to their sites, product assortment and pricing can be collaborated upon and agreed to in-platform, transactions are automatically relayed to suppliers for their easy fulfillment, and shipments, invoices, and returns can all be managed. With increased operational efficiency and streamlined relationships and communication with all their vendors, retailers are able expand their dropship programs and rapidly scale their ecommerce revenue.

Getting started with RevCascade is easy thanks to its flexible, platform agnostic integration capabilities. Retailers can quickly connect their ecommerce sites via API or EDI, while their vendors can join the platform using whatever method they prefer, whether that's API, EDI, FTP, email/spreadsheet exchanges, or some combination thereof.

In addition to the dropship automation platform SaaS, RevCascade has recently launched the RevCascade Network, an online tool through which brands and retailers in the furniture, home goods, and apparel industries can discover one another, connect, and start dropshipping at the drop of a hat. Using the same technology that's used in the RevCascade enterprise software explained above, the RevCascade Network offers users immediate access to new dropship business partners and sales channels, and then facilitates every aspect of those relationships.

Key Features

  • Automatic Inventory Updates
  • Full-Featured Product Management
  • Comprehensive Order Management
  • Automatic Exchanges of Transaction Data
  • Collaborative Merchandising + Product Curation
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics
  • Relationship Management and SLA Compliance Tracking
  • Unlimited Integration Compatibility
  • Free, Dedicated Onboarding Team
  • Cross-Border Capabilities



Starting from:
5% fee per transaction
Pricing model:

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