OWNA is a supplier management app, that's going to change the way you do business with your suppliers and your team. All we need from you is to upload your invoices and quotes, invite the team members' that need to be involved, and you're ready to get started with:

- Requesting, receiving and comparing quotes.
- Consolidated supplier ordering. By default, our order
- Highly customised ordering engine for most industry sectors. Filter by product type, supplier, category or occasion type. Create your own order sheets, consolidate 'similar' and 'exact product.
- Invoice discrepancy management. User is alerted to price, quantity and other changes against the purchase order.
- Integrates with accounting software through forwarding approved invoices in xlsx format. For QuickBooks users, all your invoice information is exported to your account.

How much time are you taking to manage your suppliers right now? Do you hire someone to check the pricing? Do you hire someone to input the invoice details into your accounting software? Do you regularly check supplier pricing against their competitors? How long does it take you to do the ordering every week? OWNA can reduce the resources you're applying to these jobs.

Using OWNA to deal with your suppliers more effectively and efficiently will not only save time and money, but it will also give you more time to do the jobs that you consider core to your business. We have plans for small and medium businesses, so please check out https://www.owna.io , and sign up today for a free 30 day trial.

Key Features

  • Mobile
  • Quotation Requests
  • Quotation Comparison
  • Consolidated Supplier Ordering
  • Receiving
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Invoice Discrepancy Management



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