SAF School Management Software

SAF School Management Software
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SAF School Management Software is a Simple, Affordable & Flexible solution that brings school admin, parents and teachers together to enhance teaching and learning.

The ERP Manages every aspect of school life - including teaching, school admin, classroom management and communicating with parents.

SAFSMS is easy to use and flexible to navigate.

The Grade book feature allows teachers to record all tests, assignments and quiz results and allows for easy report compilation. Teachers can also: Take attendance, Plan lessons, upload assignments and share with each child's parent at once. They can add comments about each child's behavior and a lot more.

School admin can monitor all staff activity and student records. They can add or manage staff access to each feature.

School accountants can manage online and offline school fee payments, track each child's account and update staff salary status. They can also manage payments.

Inventory/Store managers have access to a range of tools that allow easier record keeping and issuing of textbooks, uniforms,, materials etc.

Parents can access their child's records including: Daily attendance (per class), assignments, teachers comments, media (pictures & Video), and view past records and results. Medical incidences and other important occurrences in school can also be reported instantly via in-app notifications.

Reports are available in a number of graphical charts which is easy to read and understand at a glance.
The mobile app version is available on Android and iOS which means all of these powerful features can be accessed right from a mobile phone.

Key Features

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Mobile & Web- Based Apps
  • Flexible & Configurable
  • Inventory & store management
  • Parent Notifications
  • Results compiler
  • Custom report sheets
  • Grade Book
  • Medical Incidence Feature
  • Lesson Planner
  • Attendance recording



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