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Here at VXG we provide white label, full-stack solution for streaming live video. Our software facilitates the transfer of video data between two devices, using a variety of live streaming protocols such as RTMP, RTSP, WebRTC, HLS, and more. Our software can take video from a variety of devices like a mobile phone, a web camera, or an IP Camera, and transmit this video to a relevant viewing device, be that another mobile phone or computer. We sell 3 main products to businesses to help them begin live streaming video. The first is a mobile Software Development Kit, for both Android and iOS enviroments, which allows companies to create their own mobile applications using our software. Our other two streaming solutions are network based, allowing you to either host the data yourself or have us host it. If you are interested in hosting the data in house, then you can use our VXG Streaming Server, which is software that you develop into your on premises servers. All data used for the live video is streamed through your internal server, however you must scale the stream to your volume manually, by opening new instances. If that sounds like too much work, then we also offer our VXG Cloud service, by which we host the information for you. This service is auto scale-able, meaning you won't have to consider how many instances to open due to your anticipated traffic, and instead the instances will be automatically opened for you as they are needed, and closed when they are not. Both the server and cloud version of our packages facilitate the recording of the live stream, as well as the storage of said recordings to be played back at a later date.

Key Features

  • Low Latency
  • Supports all major streaming protocols (HLS, RTMP, WebRTC)
  • Playback in AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, and more
  • Stream from any mobile, webcam, or IP Camera
  • Playback on any device
  • Recording
  • Remote Access
  • Infinite Scalability (Cloud)



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