AvenoCam is the most developed Pay Per View Live Video Streaming SaaS currently available on the market. Designed especially to make your business uninterrupted and to improve your user’s online experience, it includes the latest technologies, like WebRTC. It is based on a security-oriented platform and it delivers the support you need to run a successful business.
AvenoCam gives your business exactly what it needs!

Based on the architecture that we designed, the technologies behind the beautiful looks, the security validations put into place, the code quality and the tests we’ve done, we’re 100% convinced to say that your platform will run smoothly, with a minimum amount of maintenance.
New features are going to be easily created by any developer, it is fully scalable and can accommodate as many customers as needed without sacrificing speed or quality. Calculations will be accurate and it will allow you to expand your business by letting you focus on making money, not on fixing bugs.Horizontal scalability, redundancy, and low latency are the main focus points on which the architecture of the AvenoCam Live Video Streaming SaaS is designed. This way, we chose PostgreSQL for storing valuable information for the long run and Redis for caching and storing intensely accessed information, like real-time session information, chat statuses, chat sessions and so on.

There is no waiting time for your customers! All of the real-time queues are centralized in storing their data into Redis, which cuts the waiting times to just a few milliseconds, even during peak hours with tens of thousands of concurrent users.

Key Features

  • HTML5, WebRTC, FullHD, LiveStreaming



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