SessionCam is a complete web analytics solution that leading and large enterprises use for getting back lost revenue by developing efficient re-marketing programs by means of outbound phone calls, SMS and emails. They use it to improve site conversion rate while reducing overhead costs.

This unique platform,

  • Understands each and every customer’s behaviour by keeping an watch on the real users interacting with a website
  • Helps increasing revenue and site conversion rate by observing checkout issues as well as usability issues
  • Reduces site abandonment by knowing the conversion levels
  • Improves webpage design problems by its cutting-edge heatmapping aggregated user’s behaviour
  • Enhances customer satisfaction level and make better customer experience

SessionCam  benefits

The key SessionCam benefits may include,

  • Analysis of recorded activities
  • Real time recording of web sessions
  • Knowing funnel as well as form conversion
  • Developing amazing behavioral heatmaps for mouse clicks, mouse movements, browser attention and page scrolling
  • Replaying web-sessions
  • Integrating immensely with Google Analytics as well as other web analytics systems along with customer feedback solutions and CRM solutions

SessionCam features

SessionCam features may include,

  • Session replay – This feature helps watching recordings of customer behaviour while using a site to understand usability problems, enhance conversion, provide better customer support and lessen cost-time issues
  • Heatmaps – It instantly generates site heatmaps for mouse clicks, movements browser attention as well as webpage scrolling
  • Funnels, field drop-off and form analytics – This feature ensures lessening of site abandonment and improving rate of conversion by means of activity analysis on site forms
  • API and integration – Its API feature integrates data recorded by SessionCam with the business’s own system

SessionCam is hugely popular amongst large business houses based in United Kingdom, United States and Europe. SessionCam offers free trial facility for the clients. 

Key Features

  • Watch recordings of customers using your website
  • Replay recorded sessions of form usage
  • Replay form input and page scrolling
  • Conversion funnel, form analytics and field drop-off reports
  • Replay mouse movement and mouse clicks,
  • Supports a range of integration options
  • Replay Ajax interaction such as text and image replacement
  • SessionCam API and data exports
  • Replay unique mobile gestures
  • Comprehensive suite of heatmap reports
  • Create mouse movement heatmaps
  • Click activity heatmaps
  • Page scrolling heatmaps
  • Browser attention heatmaps



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