QlikView is a complete online business discovery platform especially created to cater different needs of businesses of all sizes including small to mid size businesses as well as large enterprises.

QlikView is a leading online data discovery delivering intuitive solution meant for self-service data visualization as well as guided analytics.

QlikView is used by entrepreneurs from different industries like banking, chemicals, education, government, healthcare, high tech, consumer products, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, security and investment services, telecommunications, transportation and logistics, mill products, media & entertainment, insurance and a lot more.

QlikView provides businesses with quick, powerful and visual in memory business analysis without having any limitation, cost as well as complications related to conventional business intelligence (BI).

QlikView finds out hidden insights that usually get overlooked by other traditional online tools. QlikView ensures fastest freeform exploration. It explores data in different directions. It can be deployed anywhere and on almost all devices. QlikView is designed for businesses to build on. The application ensures governed data with easy rules.

With QlikView, businesses can track the performance of its business through a high level view along with the ability to drilling down into the business nitty-gritty.

QlikView features

Key QlikView features may include,

  • Active BI ecosystem
  • Visualization of data
  • Interaction with active apps, analytics and dashboards
  • Searching all data
  • Real time and secure online collaboration

QlikView helps businesses reveal the insights hiding in the data. More than 30,000 satisfied clients depend on QlikView to have meaning out of data from different sources and explore them to find hidden relation within the data which lead insights that create innovative ideas. 

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