Platfora is a complete Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that preferred and trusted by leading and largest enterprises. It is the latest generation of BI application that provides the businesses with the power of in-memory explorations. Platfora works even more and helps clients explore much beyond what is stored in the data warehouse. With Platfora, all raw data is now at the enterprises’ fingertips.

Platfora big data analytics solution is the greatest means of going from fresh data to analytics. Its end-to-end platform substitutes all requirements for data warehousing, BI tools and ETL. It is an interactive, iterative and the fastest analytics platform. Platfora allows companies to have access, convert and analyze all data in Hadoop without writing even a single line of code to result in a data-driven decision making through proper collaboration.

Unlike conventional BI tools, Platfora makes it feasible for the decision makers to directly tap into the Hadoop power to enable businesses to know elaborately and make wise fact-based decisions that outcome in improved customer experience as well as improved business effectiveness. It provides the enterprises to interact with every petabyte of data at par and make them accessible by the users. It helps businesses avoid spending millions over analytics expenses.

Platfora lets enterprises conduct their businesses at the speed of knowing. It analyzes the whole of a company’s data – transactions, machine data and customer interaction in an all new way which is created exclusively for Big Data.

Platfora features

The key Platfora features may include,

  • 100% HTML5
  • Natively and exclusively created for big data and Hadoop
  • Simple collaboration
  • Segmentation as well as comparison
  • Historical records of all changes
  • Online vizoboards

Platfora can be defined as the single platform for all big data analytics requirements needed by the large enterprises. 

Key Features

  • Easy collaboration
  • 100% HTML5 and natively designed for Hadoop and big data
  • Segmentation and comarison
  • Historical record of the changes
  • Web based vizoboards



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