OmniContext Personal Analytics discreetly and automatically gather, evaluate and analyze real time to provide you with required insights for self-analysis. Reports from OmniContext Personal Analytics present different performance indicators in the form of a radar on your monitor to let you know how close you’re in achieving your business as well as personal goals.

It can be used on both Windows Phone and computer, and by small to mid size businesses as well as public administrations, non profits, freelancers and even large enterprises.

OmniContext Personal Analytics helps you optimize productivity. You can discover how much more productive and innovative you can be by knowing how you spend your days. With it, you can challenge yourself and know your work as well as mobility habits. It helps you keep a track of your lifestyle and understand that if your regular habits are in place what you actually need to do for yourself. It lets you understand who the significant people in your life are. OmniContext Personal Analytics doesn’t collect any metrics or data from your phone or computer.

With OmniContext Personal Analytics, you can share your metrics with peers whom you want to know and be with you.

OmniContext Personal Analytics features collaboration appraisal, physical activity tracking and websites usage tracking.

It is an amazing program which is aimed at business as well as non-business users who want to improve their lifestyle.

OmniContext Personal Analytics is widely popular across the business world. It can be accessed from any part of the world including United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, Latin America, Middle-East, Africa, Germany, China and India.

OmniContext Personal Analytics help can be obtained over phone and online. 

Key Features

  • Web sites usage tracking
  • Physical activity tracking



Starting from:
EUR 10.00/year
Pricing model:


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