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Kognitio Cloud is a ready-to-use and user-friendly online analytical solution that provides businesses with immense opportunities to be benefited from the globe’s most scalable and fastest analytical platform against a reasonable subscription. It gives its clients the ability to have access and analyze in-depth business data sans the requirement to craft, create, deploy and operate their own business intelligence (BI) system. In a nutshell, with Kognitio Cloud , businesses obtain a strong analytical capability with minimum administration without putting huge capital towards IT resources as well as systems.

Kognitio Cloud is mostly used by mid size businesses as well as large enterprises. Such companies have leveraged it as the most easy-to-handle online analytical platform to obtain fastest and thorough data analysis on their specific business terms and conditions, and even within strict operating budget.

Kognitio Cloud straps up the flexibility and influence of Kognitio’s quick and scalable database which is especially designed for the data analytics.

Clients from across the world including United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, Middle-East and Africa use it for a broad array of data analytic projects. With Kognitio Cloud, they don’t need to be bothered about overhead of employing an on-premise data warehouse, bearing the expense to hire an IT team and maintaining and supporting its database as well as the its business users.

Kognitio Cloud is highly popular amongst businesses because of,

  • Low cost of subscription
  • Quick execution of analytical projects
  • Emphasis on innovation instead of infrastructure
  • State-of-art security
  • Proper environment for creation and development

Kognitio Cloud features

  • Fastest deployment
  • Unlimited data size
  • Low skills requirement
  • Low cost commitment
  • No lowest licensing term
  • No capital expenses

Kognitio Cloud is a perfect solution for complicated analytical data projects that require up to 80% less monitoring, support, administration and tuning for extraordinary performance. 

Key Features

  • Unlimited data size limits
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reduced skills requirement
  • Low budget commitmen
  • No Capital expenditure
  • No minimum licensing term



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