Jaspersoft enhances business intelligence over an embedded platform

Jaspersoft is an effective platform depicting business intelligence in an embedded form besides possessing other capabilities like analytics, reporting and data visualization. Numerous business applications created by developers may rope in analytics, reports and dashboards that seem to be truly interactive. Such interactive options are easily embedded by developers for various enterprisers.

Jaspersoft provides different data sources to various organizations so that they may gain true insight for improving their business decisions. Over here, you must remember that this software is scalable both economically and architecturally. Jaspersoft ensures a much smoother decision-making by improving the processes and apps of one’s business through data that’s both actionable and timely.

The report designer seems perfect and helps the creation of report layouts bearing cross-tabs, sub-reports and charts. The reporting library of Jaspersoft is based on Java and it utilizes data from various sources for rendering and compiling documents that seem pixel-perfect.

The report viewer offered by Jaspersoft is based on browsers and it provides the review of report snapshot for sorting, filtering and formatting headers and values depicted in columns. The centralized server repository belonging to Jaspersoft allows storing of dashboards, reports, analytical views, profiles and many other things. The advanced scheduler of Jaspersoft allows one to track and manage report creation and distribution.

Key Features

  • Reporting & dashboard
  • Data integration
  • Data analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Ad hoc report designer
  • Muli-dimensional analytics
  • ODS
  • OLAP Server
  • Embeddable dashboards
  • Pluggable custom visualizations
  • Interactive report workbooks
  • Interactive heat map visualizations
  • In-memory analysis engines
  • Metadata layer
  • Data virtualization
  • Server repository
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Audit logging
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices



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