DOMO is one of the leading Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platforms. It is difficult to find out the data that users can rely on while it is even more difficult to identify where the data comes from. Users will be confused if all the data from different sources was pulled in one location in real time automatically. But with DOMO, businesses can easily and quickly connect to any data source irrespective of its nature and where it is from.

DOMO instantly connects to the data and brings them together in a single place. It makes it easy for the users to see the data they want anytime. From CEO to a contributor, anybody can discover, mash up, visualize and present those data in any means of their choice. Whether they want to know the marketing’s contributions to sales figure or manufacturing costs per unit, they can do it with absolutely easily with DOMO. In fact, it empowers users to make wiser and take better decisions. It is the only solution created for empowering everyone in an organization to make better decisions. Finally, DOMO ensures a better and prosperous life.

By using DOMO, users can get automatic reporting, smarter staffs, management by exceptions, quicker decisions, one source of truth, better alignments, effective collaborations, access to anywhere and of course avoid frequent meetings.

DOMO features

  • It helps building dream dashboard
  • It helps getting every employer on the same page
  • It helps staying connected anywhere and anytime

DOMO benefits

It helps getting connected to any data source, be it

  • On premise
  • Spreadsheets
  • Cloud based apps
  • Data/ERP warehouse
  • Social media
  • databases

Key Features

  • Build your dream dashboard
  • Stay connected anywhere you go
  • Get everyone on the same page



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