Datameer is the leading big data analytics used by small to mid size businesses as well as large enterprises and freelancers. It is perhaps the only analytics platform that scales with its clients’ requirements. It helps businesses users work without help, independently, in a team and all through the company. It tests with the work team and deploys to the company and scale with its requirement on laptop, cluster or server.

It is the biggest analytics designed for all. It features data analytics with over 200 functions as well as UDFs and plug-in APIs. Its data visualization is used for dashboards and business infographics while its data integration helps in data uploading, data importing, data linking, data exporting and REST API.

Datameer integrates, prepares, analyzes and visualizes any data. It helps simplifying big data analytic environment into a simple and single application on top of Hadoop platform. It is the only end-to-end big data analytic app for Hadoop created to make big data easy for each and everyone. It combines self service data integration, visualization functionalities and analytics to provide the quickest time to insights.

Datameer features

  • Its data integration liberates data
  • Its self service data analytics ensure insights without limitations
  • Its data visualization helps businesses go beyond static dashboard
  • Its smart execution smartly and intelligently enhances analytics performance of a business
  • Its smart analytics brings data science at fingertips
  • It dramatically reduces complication to ensure fastest time to the insights
  • Its empowers businesses with solid and enterprise standard data management abilities
  • It ensures security for the data

Datameer provides businesses with the freedom of deployment. They can select a chosen place to store and analyze data. Irrespective of the place, Datameer can analyze as well as visualize data. 

Key Features

  • Data Integration
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Pre-built application
  • Dynamic Data Management
  • Open Infrastructure



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