Datacycle Reporting


Developed by ApeSoft, DataCycle Reporting is user-friendly, Excel-based reporting and automation software. Designed for small to medium and large businesses as well as freelancers, non-profits, and public administrations, DataCycle Reporting helps saving hours of wasted effort by automating activities done with manual Excel reporting. With integrated query wizard and report designer, it extracts data from databases, accounting and ERP systems and then format those data into graphical, pixel-perfect Excel reports. Its built-in work planner automates reports and alert generation and delivery through online or email.

The key features of the reporting solution includes,

  • Unlimited user licensing - Users don’t need to use any plug-in or add-ons or bear any license fees. All they need is Excel.
  • 100% Excel – Users love to use this simple and known interface and thus they don’t need any additional training.
  • Automatically generated reports – Users can set reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on their requirement.
  • Automatically generated multi-reporting – Customized reports can be obtained without any complication of handling multiple report templates for every user depending on their profile.
  • Automated alerts – Through data monitoring DataCycle Reporting helps customers stay ahead of time, competition and opportunities by means of automated notification of vital situations.
  • Support for common formats – It provides support for commonly used reporting formats like Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, ERP systems as well as databases.
  • Virtual access to any data – It allows data storage in SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, MySQL, SQL Server, AS400 and other ERP systems as well as databases.
  • Data combination into a single report – Its automatic access fetches data from various sources into a single information channel for business intelligence report in Excel.
  • Reuse of existing reports - DataCycle Reporting helps to develop reports using current corporate formats and layouts.
  • Automatic pivot tables - DataCycle Reporting’s automated pivot table helps to provide multidimensional analysis in Excel sans complicated data models.
  • Dynamic dashboard charts – With 100 percent Excel-based DataCycle Reporting, all graphs and charts can be dynamically linked to formulas and data. 

Key Features

  • 100% Excel
  • Unlimited user licensing
  • Scheduled, automatically generated reports
  • Automatic, threshold-based alerting
  • Native support for many common report formats
  • Access to virtually any data source via ODBC
  • Combine data from multiple sources into a single report
  • Easily reuse existing Excel reports
  • Support for OLAP cubes



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