When it comes to analytics for a complete digital world, businesses trust on ComScore. It provides a comprehensive digital marketing solution and provides the businesses with a complete online marketing tool which comes with not only online support but also whitepapers, video tutorials and much more to help businesses obtain better setup and continual guidance. It is free up to 1 million site visitors and then it turns into a paid package with the capacity to scale up more for added resources.

ComScore helps accessing online ad efforts as well as video metrics, mobile marketing as well as affiliate referrals to provide generalized analytical insights into the visitor trends. The trends may include where the traffic comes from, how long it stayed on the site, which pages they navigates and where they went after. It also analyzes visitor geography trends and preferences of age.

ComScore products

It provides a wide range of products that can be classified into three categories,

Audience Analytics

  1. Device essentials
  2. Media planner
  3. Benchmarking studies
  4. qSearch
  5. Media metrics
  6. Segment metrix
  7. Shareablee
  8. Reach/ Frequency
  9. Social essentials
  10. Video metrix

Advertising analytics

  1. Brand monitor
  2. Action lift
  3. Brand survey lift
  4. Brand survey lift pulse
  5. Validated media essentials
  6. Validated campaign essentials

Enterprise analytics

  1. Digital analytix enterprise

ComScore is designed for the digital marketing needs of small to mid size businesses as well as large enterprises. It is supported by iPhone, iPad and also Android. ComScore is hugely popular in countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom as well as Europe. Languages supported by ComScore are Spanish, English, Dutch and French. 

Key Features

  • Audience Analytics
  • MMX Multi-Platform
  • MMX
  • Video Metrix
  • Mobile Metrix
  • Ad Metrix
  • More Audience Analytics Products
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Validated Campaign Essentials
  • Action Lift
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Digital Analytix Enterprise
  • Validated Media Essentials
  • Subscriber Analytix
  • Subscriber Analytix Marketing
  • Subscriber Analytix Care
  • Freemium to 1Million views
  • Online support
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Market Rankings



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