Centius Qi


Centius Qi is comprehensive enterprise business intelligence (BI) software. Centius Qi provides you with a solid platform for creating charts, reports and dashboards within QiTM client user interface. With Centius Qi, you can organize visualization objects within your workspaces that are common to your work groups. The data cubes and data models are designed and maintained within a browser-based solution that empowers super users of the system in managing their folders and files without any help of IS support executives. The design has come from Centius Qi’s experience as a BI application user and their realization which breaks the gap between business users and reported data. And this is very important for a thriving BI implementation.

Centius Qi provides you with tools and modules for managing,

  • User access right management
  • Report and chart creations
  • Workspaces, groups, folders and users
  • User defined groups
  • Cube designing and filtering administration
  • Data access, administration and data models design
  • Dashboards and templates

Centius Qi is meant for the small and mid size businesses as well as large enterprises, freelancers, public administrations and non profits. It is supported by Mac, Linux, Web-based and Windows.

Centius Qi is a fully online BI solution provides,

  • Interface with various data sources, define relations using cutting-edge graphical interface,
  • Data models creations
  • Business user control of different aspects of reporting, system management and analysis
  • Creation and modification of dynamic dashboards quickly and easily
  • Creation and management of templates
  • Intuitive user interface for creating and modifying reports
  • Conventional and advanced visualizations capacities such as drill through charts, map charts and pivot charts
  • Hierarch management instruments for enabling extra dimensions of analysis
  • Best security as well as user management features
  • Downloading data into MS Excel and PDF formats
  • Collaboration and sharing your business insights with your colleagues with its built-in commenting and messaging features 

Key Features

  • Dashboard Management
  • Reporting and Pivot Table Analysis
  • Rich Charting Capability (Map Charts, Cartesian and more)
  • User Management and Access Right Administration
  • User Defined Groups (for Hierarchy Management)
  • Cloud BI and Business Analytics
  • Advanced Statistical and Predictive Analytics
  • BigData Analytics



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