Birst is a complete Business Intelligence (BI) solution specifically designed for small to medium size businesses as well large enterprises and freelancers. It includes and integrates all needed components for an advanced business intelligence program so that operation becomes easy and quick without compromising with the functionality and quality.

Birst ensures all those functionalities that businesses expect from a professional grade BI solution at a very reasonable rate that not only large enterprises but small and mid size businesses can also afford. It is a cloud service that lets businesses upload unprocessed data directly and dynamically without building any local database instance. It doesn’t require its customers to upload any data as it can be directly connected to any existing database on-premise like on-premise BI products used to do.

Birst services can be obtained on a subscription basis through Internet and thus the users of Birst don’t need to install any on-premise BI software. Birst is a comprehensive cloud BI app which is affordable and works faster to deploy and demonstrate a much better time-to-value than any other product of its niche.

Birst benefits

  • It increases IT productivity
  • Provides unprecedented self-service for the end users
  • Ensures lowest total cost of ownership or TCO software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Provides IT security, safety and control

Birst for IT

It is the only end-to-end BI product created for cloud with comprehensively integrated ETL (extract, transform and load), enterprise reporting, dashboarding and ad-hoc query and analysis. Birst ensures automated 80% backend data integration removing reporting backlog. Birst service is delivered as an on-demand model with unique ability to report on on-premise data and data on cloud.

Birst for business users

Business users can expect to run a quicker and easier means to conduct ad-hoc analysis, develop pixel-perfect reports and visualizes data in interactive dashboards with Birst. 

Key Features

  • Comprehensive, integrated BI platform
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
  • Data warehouses created on the fly
  • Full reporting engine, with pixel perfect reporting
  • Typical deployment within 90 days, including customization
  • Low subscription pricing - 1/3rd TCO of trad'l solutions
  • Mobile BI on the hottest mobile devices
  • Automatically updated dashboards and alerts
  • Export to PDF or Excel



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