Bime Ensures Riding on CLOUD #1

The year 2009 has seen BIME leading all cloud BI vendors that offered front end support to Google BigQuery by extending BI capabilities. Apart from this, it also provided the initial BI solution for ensuring a native collaboration of business intelligence through Google apps. In order to enhance the experience of Big Data Analytics, Google has joined hands with BIME in the recent times. If you wish to check out Google BigQuery, you may achieve a credit worth $500 from Google and try BIME without spending a single cent from your pocket. 

Bonding with partners and target audience

BIME has successfully established a global platform for its users with time. Microcred, McAffee, Royal Canin, Lenovo, Greenpeace and Shell are some of the media. Emerging technology companies like Appirio, Appsbroker, Amazon, Noovle and Google have developed a powerful formal bonding with BIME. BIME is collaborative, strong, easy and interactive; it enables you to obtain a fair measurement of performance in least possible time.

Earning Recognition

In 2014, the inclusion of BIME within the Gartner Cool Vendors was quite prominent following its inclusion in the Who’s Who in Cloud BI conducted by Gartner. The technical innovations and business model of BIME has been acknowledged through a series of awards. Forbes, TechCrunch and GigaOm are some of the eminent tech publications that have featured BIME at various global events. GigaOm Structure: Data and Google I/O are two of the key events that saw some of the top BIME experts participating. 

Key Features

  • intuitive UI with Office-like interactions
  • 16 advanced visualizations, with 500 customization points
  • interactive & collaborative dashboards embeddable anywhere
  • advanced capability to build dashboards on all devices
  • native connectors to 35+ on-premise and online data sources
  • connectors to Big Data sources (BigQuery, Redshift, HANA)
  • on-the-fly mixing of data sources through the Query Blender
  • web & social media analytics: GA, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • evergreen tech - always on the edge of browser capabilities
  • fast, distributed & parallel column-store in-memory engine
  • SQL performance boost - queries optimized for each database
  • Requêtes prédéfinies habilement constituées
  • complex calculated models and ""what if"" analysis
  • automatic chart selection based on best practices in dataviz
  • data storytelling & discovery with bookmarks & slides
  • highest security standards - reviewed by Salesforce



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