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Developed by Trgiman, Belladati is a widely used business intelligence and analytics software that clearly combines arranged dashboards for the managers with a unique tool for developing updated presentation of outcomes. It helps analysts work together in a team on the same data within a particular section or all through the company. And as a result, businesses don’t need to send any report by email or lengthy creation of proper presentation for managing the company. In most of the time, such creations no longer remain current and no more required. Belladati presents source data in a clearly arranged way from company systems by various groups of performance indicators as well as graphs that include a number of drag and drop functions.

Belladati software is used by small to mid size businesses as well as freelancers, large enterprises, public administrations and non-profit organizations. It is supported by Mac, Windows, Web-based, Android, Linux, iPhone and iPad. Belladati supported languages are English, German and Czech.

Belladati features

Belladati features may include,

  • Ad-hoc analysis with thorough filtration and formulas
  • Visualization of data
  • Interactive dashboard sans coding
  • Real time notifications and information
  • Safe and secure sharing as well as collaboration
  • Data connectors on XLS, Google spreadsheets and databases
  • Dashboards with graphs, tables and multimedia features
  • Instinctive data warehouse
  • Pivot table and graphs
  • Tracking current KPIs and development of new ones

Belladati analyzes company data, customer trend as well as market trends for the company executive. It helps them share reports with other without need of any IT help or coding so that they can make the business KPI operated.

Belladati helps veteran analysts use online data sources and grab data from local databases with just a few mouse click. They can also do big HR analysis or improve news articles by means of dynamic graphs and deliver them if required. 

Key Features

  • Data visualization
  • Ad-hoc analysis with intensive filtering and formulas
  • Interactive dashboards without coding
  • Real-time information and notifiactions
  • Secure sahring and collaboration
  • Intuitive data warehouse
  • Pivot tables and graphs
  • Monitoring of existing KPIs and development of new
  • Dashboards with multimedia, graphs and tables
  • Data connectors on databases, xls,Google spreadsheets etc.



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