QLess understands that your time is valuable and we want to keep you from wasting it. We believe that standing in line is unnecessary and outdated. We also know that customers who are treated well are more satisfied and likely to remain loyal. In fact, there is a 75% correlation between customer happiness and their willingness to make a purchase! That’s why we created our online queue management and appointment scheduling software.

Features & Benefits

Virtual Queues - Customers join a virtual queue via a website, a mobile phone, or an on-site kiosk. Our software will provide them with an algorithm-based wait time.

Interactive Communication - Once added to a queue, the customer will receive notifications as they move closer to the front of the line.

iOS & Android Apps - QLess features apps for customers and businesses supported by both iOS and Android platforms.

Customer Surveys - Our software allows you to collect real-time feedback that will help improve your customer’s overall experience.

Watch a Demo Today

QLess helps your business overcome problems that alienate customers and impact your bottom line with a simple, easy-to-use solution. QLess increases profits up to 50%.. QLess focuses on enhancing the customer experience. From reducing wait times to helping anticipate peak periods, our software is meant to increase business productivity and employee efficiency while also driving sustainable growth and improving customer satisfaction. Request a demo today to see how your business can benefit from Qless.


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