With Whispir, you can design mobile applications that enable communication across multiple channels - including SMS, email and more.

We believe Communications should always be an enabler, not a dictator. So we created our software platform to be a service that makes it easy to create and deploy applications for all your business needs.

Using Whispir's templates and functionality, in a matter of minutes any professional can create applications to meet your business communications needs:
- Keep your customers and stakeholders fully informed, in real time, during an event.
- Attract more customers and enhance their experience with your brand, both onsite and online.
- Contact your dispersed workforce more easily.
- Find new and more personalised ways to keep diverse communities informed.
- Get your people talking across multiple locations, improve decision making on the ground.
- Help your practitioners to collaborate in real time, to improve health outcomes.

Any organisation (and their people, teams and communities) should be able to say what they need to say and get access to the information they desire, in any context, at any time. That's why we developed Whispir and that's what our platform can deliver.

Whispir has customers in more than 17 different industries, and across the globe in more than 40 countries. We serve as the backbone 911 technology for several small countries in Asia, are the primary form of Crisis Response Communications for major Utilities firms, and help hundreds of retail companies with Customer Engagement.

Key Features

  • Communications Applications as a Service
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SMS Software
  • Create Twilio Apps Faster
  • Mobile Communications Software
  • Mobile Customer Engagement
  • Crisis Communications
  • Design Mobile Applications
  • Custom Mobile Apps
  • Develop Communications Applications
  • Enterprise Ready
  • Easy to Use



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