Engage Commerce


A growth-marketing platform that helps with user retention and incremental conversions for the commerce vertical making multi channel marketing seem like a breeze.

Some of our offerings are:

Personalized Carousel Push Notifications
Dynamic Emails to reach across devices
Predict and prevent app uninstalls
Display Retargeting and re-engagement

What problem are you solving? -

Our platform solves 3 important problems for marketers.
1. Customers are scattered across the online eco-system. This means that customer data is in silos and it is very difficult for marketers to leverage this data and deliver an enhanced user experience.
2. Typically marketing platforms are built for automation and help marketers do things faster. But these platforms are not equipped to help marketers achieve their ROI goals.
3. Engaging new customers and retaining them has grown extremely difficult. Reducing churn and helping marketers grow customer LTV is the third problem that our platform can solve.

What is Our solution?
Online commerce marketers can reach out to their users with personalized marketing messages across multiple channels from a single platform. This ensures that their multi channel marketing strategies work in sync. Our platform helps marketers reach out to high-value customers across different channels to foster engagement and marketing ROI.

How does it work?
Our clients must include Engage Commerce codes on the website and SDK on the app. This helps the platform brings together user behavior data, basis which, a marketer creates user segments and runs personalized multi channel user engagements. The platform integrates machine learning for user level predictions with 1:1 messaging.

Key Features

  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Marketing
  • App Marketing
  • eCommerce Marketing
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Browser Push Notifications
  • Display Retargeting



Pricing model:


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