Marketing Mate


Marketing Mate is a smart web app that guides organisation managers, business owners and marketing staff to easily undertake tailored and strategic marketing planning online. Use the web app to easily define your marketing goals, clearly identify your audiences, create your best messaging and choose from over 160 effective marketing ideas to try, while being supported by a Wizard that builds your plan for you. Access helpful guidance and resources, create multiple plans for different promotions, track progress against your targets, and view/download your marketing plans from anywhere online on any device. Use it across multiple teams, or in classrooms as a teaching aide, with different numbers of user accounts available.

This is an online marketing planning solution that simplifies the traditionally complex process, and ensures organisations and businesses can get the most out of their planning time, and any designated marketing staff. Marketing Mate uses a dynamic Wizard with a unique formula that builds a strategic and tailored marketing plan for the user, ensuring better outcomes from the marketing activities once implemented. It is simple to understand and use, and not over-complicated in design or content. It is available online, with user information stored securely in the cloud, and not limited to certain devices or drives.

Marketing planning is important and is often overlooked or done incorrectly, leading to wasted time, money and resources. Marketing Mate is a worthwhile investment for any organisation or business who values their time and money, and wants to be smart about the marketing they undertake.

Key Features

  • Marketing Plan Wizard
  • Marketing Tracker
  • Style Customizer
  • Ideas and Resources Library



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