Broken links are an infamous issue on the web. According to researches, on an average of over 3 percent to 9 percent links on a site are broken. Broken links create big problems; it can lead to lost online traffic, customers’ disappointment, adverse corporate impression and adverse search engine performances.

LinkTiger is an effective way to manage validity of links on a website. It helps web masters, digital marketing managers and anybody who manages a web site by providing powerful web-based tool to identify the broken links so that they could be repaired prior to the customers notice them.

LinkTiger offers solid dashboards and rich reporting capacities that gear to even the non-IT users including professionals from sales, marketing and operations fields. It also helps designers, developers and web masters.

How to use

  • Visit LinkTiger’s official website
  • Enter your email id and site address to initiate
  • You’re likely to receive an email no sooner than you site gets checked for broken links
  • LinkTiger will suggest subscription packages accordingly
  • Now provide your credit card data to obtain a 15-day free trial that you can cancel anytime if you want
  • Click the link in the email sent by LinkTiger and that report in your browser

LinkTiger features

  • Automatic daily checking on user’s entire site
  • Crawls the site just like it could be crawled manually
  • Offers dashboard reports that can be used easily
  • Highlights broken links in source code as well as webpage views
  • Offers reports which can be tailored and exported to MS Excel
  • Offers reports that you can share with your team members
  • Scans JavaScript, HTML, PDF, Office files and Flash

LinkTiger services are subscription based that can be availed on monthly and yearly basis. LinkTiger accepts checks, credit cards, wire transfers and PayPal payments. 

Key Features

  • Automated daily checks of your entire site.
  • Crawls you site just like an end-user would.
  • Dashboard reports easy to use
  • Broken links high-lited in source code or web page views
  • Reports can be shared with multiple team members
  • Reports can be customized and exported to excel
  • Scans HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PDF, Flash and MS Office files



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