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Lexity Live is perhaps the only free real time visitor tracking and analytics application. It would provide you with the ability to operate your online store like a brick-n-mortar store by helping the customers with their queries, concerns as well as overseeing customer experience from some channels that have brought visitors to their website all the way to actual sale. Lexity Live ensures more control in the hands of businesses to conduct their work in a hassle free way.

With Lexity Live, you can be connected to your customers when you can see your visitor comes in and look right when he is doing that. It is easy and convenient as it doesn’t require you to click through several pages to obtain the same thing.

Lexity Live is designed for small as well as mid size companies.

Lexity Live features

  • Helps monitoring which pages are presently being navigated through
  • Helps seeing which of the visitors are using shopping cart
  • Helps viewing in-depth real time path reports for the unique visitors
  • Helps doing chats promptly with the customers and to close the deal
  • Helps seeing real time site traffic stat
  • Helps getting in-depth stat and reporting for your online store
  • Helps receiving feasible marketing insights depending on visit information

Unlike other analytics tools, Lexity Live tool is specifically created for betterment of ecommerce with real-time visitor tracking feature promptly. With it, you can get real time data about present site visitors and that lets you watch how your customers browse your site and go from checkout to purchase, as and when it happens.

It helps you start chat with the customers and thus enhance conversion rate as well as customer satisfaction. Just a click and you start chatting with any visitor of your site right away. 

Key Features

  • Monitor what pages are currently being viewed
  • See which of your visitors are in the shopping cart
  • View detailed, real-time path reports for unique visitors
  • Chat instantly with your customers to help close sales
  • See real-time website traffic statistics
  • Get detailed statistics and reporting for your store
  • Receive actionable marketing insights based on visit data



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