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Kontagent kSuite Social is a complete online marketing solution. It recognizes the chief metrics to help businesses optimize social experience. Unlike other conventional online analytics, Kontagent kSuite Social gives immense insights into how the customers get connected and interact inside the Facebook apps to let businesses make adjustments accordingly in real time.

Kontagent kSuite Social is now named as Upsight. It makes it easy for the businesses to personalize its analytics and obtain solutions to particular queries about the businesses and positively impact performances with aimed marketing campaigns.

Kontagent kSuite Social or Upsight Business KPIs recognize unique performance metrics trough the only analytic platform that is flexible to include new KPIs sans re-integrations.

Kontagent kSuite Social or Upsight Custom dashboards is a fresh means for creating customized analytics dashboards and sharing them with specified members of a team for making data exploration easy and simple.

Data querying feature of Kontagent kSuite Social provides analysts with the access to full data set so that they can code powerful queries to unlock insights about each and every user.

Kontagent kSuite Social real time personalization feature empowers better engagements and monetize the users by connecting in-depth user insights to featured mobile marketing crusades.

Kontagent kSuite Social features

Key Kontagent kSuite Social or Upsight features may include,

  • Optimization for social metrics
  • Tracking of viral channels
  • Monitoring of real time applications
  • Tagging and monitoring of custom-event
  • Drag and drop funnel builder
  • Analysis of deep user engagement

Kontagent kSuite Social offers both analytics and marketing tools. Analytics tools may include Business KPIs, Custom metrics, Personalized dashboards, DataMine, User Explorer, Metrics Explorer and Getting Started Video. Marketing tools may include Segment Builder, In-App Messaging, Push Notifications, Language Localization, AB Testing and a lot more. 

Key Features

  • Real-time application monitoring
  • Viral channel tracking
  • Optimized for social metrics
  • Custom-event tagging and tracking
  • Drag-and-drop funnel builder
  • Deep user acquisition analysis



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