Fliptop is a popular lead scoring software that identifies and pinpoints the most potential leads as well as their campaign source and what to do with them using its cutting-edge Predictive Engine to ensure increased lead conversion rate and velocity to its B2B customers that mainly include mid size businesses and large enterprises. This unique application fetches data from its client’s existing CRM and marketing automation application to decide on the features that ensure unbeaten opportunities for the company. Fliptop application then uses its own algorithm to score the leads in the company’s system depending on data points and signal recognized.

Fliptop lead scoring engine scores the leads based on their potential of conversion into a customer. From this point, the company can decide what they should do now, like whether they should send the leads to the sales team or nurture them for some more time. The company can use information to determine the most effective performing marketing programs identifying which channels to emphasize energy and resources into. Fliptop offers its clients a Lead Scoring Revenue Lift Calculator that can be found on their site to find out how much revenue the application can provide to the company.

Fliptop offers a free trial to see how this exclusive predictive lead scoring application can lift a company’s revenue.

Fliptop’s third party integrations integrate with Performance Editions and Salesforce Enterprise, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Marketo. Fliptop offers open API, webhooks and web-to-lead Javascript. Fliptop’s Predictive Lead Scoring helps identifying the most prospective leads and whether they need to be routed to the sales team or wait for more time. Fliptop’s predictions are made on customized prediction models using company’s own data. Fliptop’s campaign optimization feature shows in concurrent which sources and campaigns are actually pulling the highest quality leads. Fliptop’s pipeline forecasting helps scoring opportunities and applying conversion chances to provide the clients with more precise analysis and practical figures to forecast. 

Key Features

  • Predictive lead scoring
  • CRM integrations
  • Campaign optimization
  • Online Revenue Lift Calculator
  • Pipeline forecasting
  • Free evaluation
  • Built on the Fliptop platform
  • Unique scientific algorithm
  • Lead routing
  • Conversion probability calculator
  • Salesforce integration
  • Marketo and Oracle Marketing Cloud integration
  • Open API
  • Custom-built lead scoring model



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