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An advanced email verification service for list and real-time use. Clean your old email lists and remove bounces before sending a campaign. Add our real-time API to your existing app or website forms to verify emails before they enter your database.

Email Checker is a specialist in B2B email verification with super-fast turnaround and the keenest prices.

Email Checker can supply dedicated verification servers for high volume usage - we have many customers verifying millions of emails per day.

The company was founded in 2015 and has already grown to service over 10,000 businsses. Email Checker was started to help marketers deal with the challenges of preparing their lists for email campaigns via their chosen ESP such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Amazon SES, Sendgrid etc.

In the B2C market Email Checker stands out with its unique ability to fully verify Yahoo and Ymail email addresses. These are essential for any serious site that collects consumer email addresses. Many providers claim to verify Yahoo but they are not actually doing so with great accuracy, unlike Email Checker.

Companies that use Email Checker include RIPE,, McAffee and ABC.

The typical use for Email Checker is to verify emails as they are collected on a website. With so many websites using email as username and primary contact, the need to ensure good quality email addresses is paramount. Without email verification, the business risks losing a valuable customer as they are unable to connect with a dud email address.

Key Features

  • Realtime API
  • Batch API
  • List Cleaning
  • Role account detection
  • Catch-all detection
  • Disposable email detection
  • Yahoo verification
  • Fastest Gmail verification
  • Friendly support
  • Real people to speak with



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