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Bounce Exchange offers a state-of-art, cutting-edge digital marketing solution to enable clients to convert their online traffic by means of contents customized to various visitor segments.

Bounce Exchange team uses BounceX software that tracks every cursor movements of every single visitor. By breaking the browser plane they detect exact millisecond that abandons a site. It clearly overlays the site upon abandonment by leaving a nice lightbox that appears after any visitor leaves the site. Bounce Exchange technology essentially grants the clients an additional pageview to retain the visitor.

Bounce Exchange analyzes anything and everything regarding a visitor as well as his behavior – from purchasing history to traffic source to engagement pattern to even the jiffy a visitor abandons a site with its patented advanced exit-intent technology. After that, Bounce Exchange uses all those data to inform all customer acquisition strategies created to significantly enhance key business metrics for their clients.

With Bounce Exchange, businesses can unlock their highest conversion revenue without help of professional IT.

From mid size businesses to large enterprises – all are included in Bounce Exchange clientele.

Bounce Exchange benefits

Bounce Exchange helps its clients through different means and here they are,

  • More emails – Unlike other websites that capture only a few emails from the prospect that obstacles their capacity to go on with the conversation with the visitors who left the site without being converted, Bounce Exchange created BounceX to extract optimal opt-in from prospective customers.
  • More paid traffic – While paid traffic gets converted at a very low conversion rate, Bounce Exchange technology helps paid cohorts and emphasizes on convalescing micro-conversions at each and every step of the entire purchase process.
  • Better conversion rate - Bounce Exchange can assume what the visitors want in real time to be transforming at a higher rate. Its improved behavioral automation helps them down the conversion funnel depending on unique action pathways. 

Key Features

  • “Exit-Intent” technology
  • Automated customer acquisition
  • Website behavior analysis
  • Track visitor cursor movements
  • Site abandonment time tracking
  • Customer retention tools
  • Visitor targeting into strategic buckets
  • Mobile & tablet integration
  • Full service campaign management
  • Premium graphic services



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