Bluekai is the leading interconnected data management solution which is free from media dependence. It is also the most recognized analytics system and audience data marketplace which is designed for small to mid size businesses as well as large enterprises and public administrations. Bluekai is a pioneer in big data ingestion, portability and analysis of those data. It helps its clients by connecting their own data assets along with external data and keep it ready to be used anywhere they want so that their business enhances and becomes most powerful, efficient and intelligent one with each and every interaction.

Oracle has recently acquired Bluekai and signed an agreement in 2014 to extend the greatest marketing cloud with the best data management platform for customizing marketing programs as well as customer experience. Bluekai is integrated with both Eloqua for B2B marketing automation and Responsys for B2C marketing automation to ensure delivery of customized and orchestrated customer interactions through all sorts of marketing channels and activities.

Bluekai is supported in throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Bluekai’s cloud based data solution that enables businesses to customize offline, online and mobile marketing campaigns with rich and actionable data about target prospects. Bluekai offers a cutting edge Data Management Platform or DMP that manages and organizes its clients’ customers’ as well as audience data in the cloud that help implementing customized marketing campaigns every channel and ensure better result and best marketing return on investment.  

Bluekai’s products provide its clients with a wide array of product that cover the total concept of Digital Economy.

Bluekai’s features may include Data Management Platform, Audience Analytics Suits, Mobile Data Management Platform, Audience Data Marketplace and Bluekai Partner Program. 

Key Features

  • The Data Management Platform
  • Mobile Data Management Platform
  • The Audience Data Marketplace
  • Audience Analytics Suite
  • The BlueKai Partner Program



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