UserEngage is a Real-Time Customer and User Engagement Tool for Big and for Small Businesses, designed for maximizing the conversion rate and user satisfaction.

It consists of 3 components:

1) Customer data:
- Aggregates data from all social media profiles of your users
- Tracks their IP and browser to learn about their location, language, time zones and OS
- Tracks visitor behaviour: Page Views, Referrers, Conversions and more
- Scores your leads

2) Marketing Automation:
Take advantage of all the data UserEgage gathers about your users and automatically communicate in a personalized way.

You can build communication flows using visual drag 'n'drop building blocks including:
- Triggers - they spark every flow
- Conditions - help you contact the right users
- Actions - include Chat Message, SMS, Emails, Pop-Ups and more

You can also easily A/B test your messages to quickly improve your results.

3) Communication Channels
Once automated, UserEngage will communicate with your customers using:
- Live chat on your website
- Pop-Ups
- Emails
- Forms
- Modals

Some of the processes you can automate with UserEngage:
Contact users that need more days of trial
Send ebooks
Launch drip campaigns
Alert customer support when Key Account is online
Approach user who doesn’t know which plan to choose
Send a birthday card / discount
Tell users about features they haven’t used yet
Send SMS with registration confirmation
A/B communication testing

UserEngage provides dedicated solutions for:
- E-Commerce
- SaaS providers
- Product Landing Pages
- Corporate Websites
- Content Marketing

Key Features

  • Visual, Drag&Drop Marketing Automation Planning
  • Live Chat
  • Email Campaigns
  • Forms
  • Pop-Ups
  • Aggregation of User Data from all Social Media Profiles
  • Mobile App
  • Visitor Behaviour Analytics
  • E-commerce Platforms Integrations
  • Lead Scoring
  • User Segmentation



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