Triggerbee allows you to put together a Growth Stack of marketing tools without having to resort to large, monolithic cloud suites or platforms. By tying together best-of-breed tools you can collect data from your website, forms, chats, email marketing, CRM, E-Signing services and get deep customer insight which can be used for predictions, automations and targeted cross-channel communication.

Triggerbee consists of 3 products:

- Insights
- Engage
- Automate


Triggerbee Insights:

With Triggerbee Insights, you can analyze the behavior of your customers, visitors and leads and see what they are interested in. The insights on their own are very useful for B2B companies looking to identify business opportunities and new leads, because you can identify what company visits your site, if they have a record in your CRM, and how they first found your website.

You can for example send all the information from a visitor session along with their activity directly into your CRM and notify one of your sales people.


Triggerbee Engage:

Triggerbee Engage lets you identify anonymous website visitors and turn them into business opportunities. You can create Conversion Widgets which lets you display a personalized message to your visitors based on their previous behavior, their segment, completed goals or based on referral sources.

For eCommerce businesses:
Get repeat business, send out reminders to previous customers who have abandoned their shopping cart or collect e-mail addresses from people who wants to buy a product currently out of stock.

Give your best customers a special offer by displaying a popup only for them, or entice new visitors to act quickly by giving them an offer they can't refuse (because it's expiring soon!)


For B2B:
Identify leads and business opportunities and send them to you sales team to follow up on. If you have sent out any proposals, include a tracking link to see what your prospect are mostly interested in.


For Publishers:
Direct traffic across your network of websites to build new brands or display personalized messages to new readers to get them on your e-mail list.


Triggerbee Automate:

Streamline your marketing and sales with workflows to bring your website, apps and customer data together. Fire a transactional mail when a visitor clicks a button or completes a specific goal, add a label on visitors who came from a specific campaign or send any lead into your integrated CRM or E-mail system with the click of a few buttons.

Key Features

  • Interest profiling
  • Website visitor insights
  • Lead Capturing
  • Segment website visitors
  • Automations between apps
  • Integrations
  • Connect your customer data and apps to streamline marketing and sales



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