Paragon Metrics


Create custom messages and deliver them directly to your customers voicemail without the phone ringing.

Start Now: Do-it-yourself, fool proof campaign creation with wizard style setup.

Fast set up: All you need is a recording, data and payment to get started immediately

Affordable: No activation or maintenance fees, No minimum spend, Drop a 3 minute message for as little as 2¢ each.

Superior Technology: No need for a tech. No need for customer service. Run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Real Time Reporting: View real time data usage, cost projections, voicemail sent and funding. Make adjustments on the fly without pausing.

Additional free features: Interactive results map. Multiple campaign scheduling. spending, data and drop caps. Notify contacts when actions occur. Allow additional users permission to view selective parts of your account. Custom report builder.
Physical security Our servers are hosted by AWS and Google in data centres in Europe, the United States and SE Asia. AWS provides us with hardware, network connectivity and secure physical space relating to our customer data. AWS is compliant with ISO 27001. System security We use firewalls and logical access control to protect our servers from unauthorised system access, allowing only trusted operations personnel to manage our systems. We also make sure to use strong configuration standards to harden our servers, and we keep them up-to-date with the latest security patches. Application Security: We have rate limiting in place on API calls and Dashboard logins to prevent brute force attacks. Password complexity requirements are enforced on API secret and Dashboard password. Security Protocols Used in Communication: We support strong cryptography for communication over public networks. Some of security protocols HTTPS ,SMPP-over-SSL , SSL, IP Blacklist filtration , 2048 Bit Cryptography, 2FA

Key Features

  • No Demo Needed
  • No Missed Calls
  • 5 Minute Setup
  • No MInimum Spend
  • Reporting
  • Spending Caps, Alerts & Notifications



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