OpenBack is an intelligent notifications delivery application designed to significantly enhance app engagement and usage by sending the perfect one-to-one notifications to users at the very right moment. With OpenBack, companies are able to configure their mobile apps to send personalized notifications that empower users to perform the desired actions, thereby improving engagement and retention.

The software utilizes a user-centric approach with their notifications, an element that is not offered by push notifications. OpenBack gives users total full notification management along with a plethora of features including over 40 user-centric triggers, machine learning triggers, intuitive dashboards, and analytics to name a few.

Smart Notifications use 200+ device data points and machine learning arranged into 40 simple-to-use triggers; helping apps achieve open rates of over 42%, compared to the industry norm of 2-6% with push. Contextual triggers include local device time, location, other apps installed, wi-fi connectivity, device unlock and more. Since everything happens out on the mobile device, OpenBack uses real-time device data to trigger each notification at the best moment for every user, resulting in a highly personalized user experience.

Additional product features include support for multiple message types, multi-apps, advanced language localization, Intelligent Routing, campaign management (before and after delivery) and proper message tracking (e.g., opens, clicks, dismisses, messages delivered, influenced opens and next action).

Make every notification count!

Key Features

  • Message Scheduling
  • Multiple Message Types
  • Multi-App Management
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Interactive Messaging
  • Post Delivery Update
  • Control Groups
  • 40+ Contextual Trigger Groups
  • Full Notification Funnel Tracking
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Advanced Localization / Multiple Language Support
  • Integration



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