An engagement and retention application, NotifyVisitors, provides a cross-device customer involvement for various business sectors using mediums such as Web Push & Push Notification, Progressive Web App, In-App & Web Banners, and Surveys. It uses precise analytics to communicate with the right customers with real-time engagement.

With high tailoring properties, it enables businesses to execute themselves in a personalised manner not only beneficial for them but also for their user. NotifyVisitors provides a comprehensive and systematic report using attributes such as user profile, user journey, events. This is made accessible to the site or app owner whenever they want. This kind of micro-segmentation helps brands realize what user-activity-based product use is most suitable for them.

Specific messages for targeted audiences with the delivery of content on real time with location sensitivity are some of the key features because of which more than 2000 businesses around the globe trust to use NotifyVisitors. It takes less than 3mins to install and integrate on multiple platforms of woo commerce, browsers or devices.

NotifyVisitors has been acknowledged the time and again by clients for not only increasing traffic and sales but also for retaining 15-20% of lost users. It automates all responses on its application, is cost, time and labor efficient. Since it provides a thorough study of user behavior to all its clients, customer centric usage becomes easier for the business developers.

Key Features

  • APIs
  • Browser push notifications
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • Lead forms
  • banner popups
  • User analytics
  • Schedule your notification




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