Examinare is an online tool for creating and conducting surveys, questionnaires, polls, investigation projects & phone surveys. Examinare provides highest security and data safety through military-standard servers. The tool is translated and localized in more than 25 languages.

Examinare Survey Tool has video tutorials section, in which all the functionality is explained in few simple steps.
Examinare Survey Tool can extend the client company architecture. There are extensions for ticketing systems like Zendesk, e-commerce systems like Prestashop and WooCommerce or automatic reporting to Dropbox.

Examinare also provides solutions, which are specially developed for various business areas like hotels, restaurants, airports, clinics, schools and universities, training courses, e-commerce stores, delivery companies and many others. With Examinare solutions customer satisfaction control can be easily automated and tracked regularly in real time.

With Examinare customers can create surveys for any needs, evaluate training courses with automatic satisfaction surveys software, receive automatic delivery feedback with included CSI calculations, get the real facts on why customers cancel a service or newsletter, find out how hotel guests stays can be improved and many more.

Examinare provides massive developer support, even by email and phone meetings. We have extensive API, which is documented in detail with coding examples and Wrapper libraries that help to get any code ready for production. All the functions have code Examples.

Key Features

  • Unlimited surveys, questionnaires and polls
  • Reaching audience with multiple channels of communication
  • Easy analizing and reporting
  • Translated & localized into more than 25 languages
  • Highest security and data safety
  • Skip-logic functionality
  • Fully customizable design
  • Live on-screen results and automatic reporting
  • Exporting the results into Excel, Word, Pdf, SPSS
  • Online Users Manual in English and 7 other languages
  • SSL-encryption for the safety of data
  • Email, live chat and phone support



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