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Catalog Bar is an online catalog builder that lets you create your own catalogs that are optimized for both web and mobile-based browsers. It is an ideal software for businesses and organizations that require a functional storefront for selling their products and services, as well as for sales teams and dealers who need an accessible, web-based listing of their offerings that they can easily show and share to their clients.
With Catalog Bar, users can fully leverage the system’s unlimited categories and sub-categories and add unlimited product listing with pictures, videos, and documents. Building an online catalog is easy as Catalog Bar comes with its own design templates, all optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Overview of Catalog Bar Benefits
Catalog Bar is a simple and straightforward online catalog builder loaded with features and tools to help attract customers, convert leads to sales, and move your business forward. With customized, attractive and professional looking online catalogs, you can highlight your products and services with ease and convince clients and potential customers to make the purchase.
With Catalog Bar, you are in control of your product catalogs. You can make them as informative and consistently updated as needed without having to work with lines and codes. Catalog Bar is so user-friendly that it empowers your sales teams to go out there, make presentations, create more deals, and improve business sales.

All templates are designed to be very attractive, adding a touch of elegance to your products. On top of that, you can customize your templates, design fields, and categories, allowing you to incorporate elements of your company and brand to your product catalogs. Marketing and sales teams can easily share catalogs with clients and potential buyers with its multiple sharing options (as an email, on WhatsApp, or as an SMS), helping businesses extend their reach to their customers and significantly improve revenue.
Catalog Bar makes product management easy and fast. The drag and drop functionality gives you absolute control over categories, content, and fields. You can add, edit, and change product descriptions, photos, and documents to enrich your listings and make them more appealing to your shoppers.

Key Features

  • Content Management
  • Share-able Catalogs
  • Offline Access
  • Multi Platform
  • Regional or Specific Distribution
  • Secure Restricted Access
  • Sales Order Bookings
  • Lead Management
  • Capture & Manage Enquiries
  • Integrations
  • Themes & Templates
  • Use for Marketing



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