Boomtrain is a marketing automation platform that enables organizations to analyze customer behavior from web content in order to improve and personalize customer experiences across channels. The artificial intelligence (AI) engine analyzes customer behavior from emails, websites, mobile apps, and other customer touchpoints that help organizations derive actionable insights. Numerous integrations facilitate data migration and eliminate the need for additional marketing tools or business systems.

Boomtrain enables companies to market services and products to target audiences using customer and profile tracking, cross-channel automation, and marketing template customization. The machine learning algorithms analyze behavior, mood, trending content, business rules, semantics and metadata, then combines results with artificial intelligence (AI) features to gather data about each unique customer. The AI engine builds comprehensive user graphs and semantic topic models to reveal latent needs or hidden relationships between content and users.

The platform’s ecommerce solutions enable personalized product recommendations for customers on all pages of the organization's website. Detailed behavioral data tracking and automated triggers enable users to create workflows that help drive conversions. Users can compare visitor behavior in real-time for insightful purchase intent patterns, and set up smart triggers for tailored customer journeys. Organizations can engage customers via email campaigns, onsite lightboxes for subscription opt-ins, and recommendations for purchase.

Boomtrain AI newsletter personalization works with all existing email service providers. Users enter a snippet of Boomtrain code into an existing template, and each recipient will receive personalized content and product recommendations. Users can throttle message frequency depending on engagement, or send newsletters at optimal delivery times for each recipient. Boomtrain’s messenger enables businesses to instantly communicate with visitors and customers via their website or mobile apps.

Key Features

  • Predictive intelligence
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Email personalization
  • Behaviour tracking
  • Omni Channel Marketing - Email, Push, In-App, SMS, OnsiteWeb, mobile, email recommendations
  • Smart triggers
  • Brand-compliant lightbox
  • Drag and drop email editor
  • Hyper-relevant targeting
  • Analytics / ROI tracking



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