Amazon SellerApp - Data Analytics Platform for your Amazon success with features like Product Research, Competitor Lookup, Keyword Research and Tracking, PPC optimization and more!
Product Research
Are you ready to find the next superhero product and then make a killing by selling it on Amazon? SellerApp’s Product Research tool mines through over 35M+ products and thousands of data points to find that perfect product for you. Make data-driven decisions by taking guesswork out of your business. Make smart product choices with SellerApp product research tool.
Amazon FBM requires a firm hand on your selling responsibilities to manage things smoothly as well as make profits. Shipments and customer service must be well handled. Since FBA sellers get a better advantage over FBM sellers you might also have to lower your selling price to compete against FBA sellers with similar products to get the BuyBox advantage.

FBM gives you more flexibility and you are more inclined to build a diverse sustainable business on solid grounds. You have more inventory control, packaging and shipping control. Interact with your customers directly. FBM works best for products with lesser profit margins

Amazon FBA is great for new sellers who want to stand better in the competition by providing faster delivery and to get access to a much wider customer base, for high-volume sellers and for large and expensive products. Amazon FBA is very useful and gives amazing advantages like Prime eligibility, Buy Box advantages. Also free time to focus on strengthening your business

Amazon FBA isn’t free. It can eat up your profit margin if you don't calculate it right for the products you sell using FBA. FBA charges include fees for Order handling, Pick & pack, Outbound shipping, Weight handling, 30-day storage, Inbound shipping, Prep service.
Amazon Product Research
Assigned an LQI - Listing Quality Score for each listing Multiple data points checked to score the LQI. Title, bullet points, product description, search visibility, backend search terms and more
Is your product visible to potential buyers? Analyze your product discoverability with the SellerApp Listing Quality Checker.
Do you have a converting listing? Understand the desirability of your product listing.

Key Features

  • Amazon FBA
  • PPC Analyser
  • Amazon Keyword Research



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